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September 28, 2003

how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:

In your own way you're a racist bastard, posing as an enlightened liberal. my reading of your site leads me to assume you are an infantile mind, pretending to be a literary intellectual. but your track record as a husband, father, et al. is miserable. You haven't a clue what it means to be an adult.

Maybe not, but I know an asshole when I see one. And YOU, Boyd, are an asshole.

i admit I have misgivings about Rob's attitudes and values. To teach his son to 'hit to kill" in a game of football does not strike me as wholesome. Macho yes. But wise? I don't think so. It's okay to encourage competitiveness, but that's not the same thing as what Rob said he wanted to encourage. I like his blog, but I read it mainly for the perspective it gives me on the mentality of certain marginal character-types in America. The thing that interests me most is the extend to which his readers are supportive of his anti-social and deviant attitudes. People in America are very, very angry.

And some people don't have the brains of a dog-turd, either. That would be YOU, Riley.

agree with Boyd, not with psychologizing, but the suggestion that Acidman's comments in this post are racist. Why pick Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to represent blacks in America? Why not Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, or Bill Cosby? Colin Powell, Condoleza Rice or Julian Bond? He chose Sharpton and Jackson on purpose plain and simple. His motives are clear. He's racist, a demagogue, and apologist for historical racial intolerance.

I didn't pick Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to represent blacks in America. THEY PICKED THEMSELVES!!! And those race-baiting bastards never get called "racist" even though they wouldn't have a fucking job without stirring "historical racial intolerance" with a stick every day of their lives. I may be a demagogue, but I'm not a sniveling little suckfaced, dumbassed prick like YOU Daniel.

I love petting the trolls on a Sunday evening. I just hate that nasty smell they leave on my hands.


They secretly admire and love you. That's why they keep coming back. They just can't get enough. Bwhahahaha!

Posted by: Sam on September 28, 2003 06:14 PM

...that nasty smell they leave on my hands...

That's not the only place they leave that smell !!

Posted by: MommaBear on September 28, 2003 06:32 PM

Eh. You can always remove their trails with more vitriole.

Posted by: Da Goddess on September 28, 2003 07:31 PM

"Halle Berry, or Bill Cosby? Colin Powell, Condoleza Rice" Don't neccessarily represent black America, try Alan Keyes for a perspective.

Posted by: SASSY on September 28, 2003 07:57 PM

As I recall, you were pointing out idiots in the post Mr. Critical is referring to. Far as I can see, none of the people named by the so-called 'detractor' would fall into that category, therefore Powell/Cosby/Rice WOULDN'T be listed. Der.

Reading for comprehension isn't all that hard. I guess, though, when the knee is jerkin', the brain ain't workin'.

Posted by: Jett on September 29, 2003 12:15 AM

If Rob doesn't want comments that disagree with his opinions, why does he have them? If it's only to get praise for what he writes that's pretty boring. And why is it stupid to leave a comment against what he says and it's not stupid to leave a comment about what a troll says? And what is a troll anyway? Just somebody who doesn't agree? Beth leaves a lot of comments. Is she a troll? If Rob only wants comments from people he agrees with he should say so.

Posted by: Randi on September 29, 2003 09:56 AM

And here I thought Colin Powell was considered a 'House Slave' by the black community at large...

Posted by: Kong on September 29, 2003 01:48 PM

""I'm not a sniveling little suckfaced, dumbassed prick like YOU Daniel.""

My, my, how mature. you have such a way with words--NOT!

And you think of your self as a writer. I DON'T THINK SO!

potty mouth is more like it.

Posted by: Daniel on September 29, 2003 02:19 PM

That's it. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.

You can curse, swear, stomp around, sound like an idiot, and make up nasty rumors about the host - but there will be no use of the word "potty mouth" on this blog!

Posted by: TheYeti on September 29, 2003 02:54 PM

Fuck ANYBODY who says I have a "potty Mouth."

Goddam. I must be dealing with "Metrosexuals" here. You know, guys who secretly want to be wimmen?

Posted by: Acidman on September 29, 2003 05:56 PM

Rob you are one potty-mouthed motherfucker.

Posted by: Larry on September 29, 2003 09:30 PM

Larry you say that as if it's a BAD thing.

Posted by: Acidman on September 30, 2003 05:05 PM

Naw, my friend. I meant it in the NICEST WAY.

Posted by: Larry on October 2, 2003 02:32 AM

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