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September 25, 2003

tell me sweet little lies

We have more do-gooder fascists running around this country than you can shake a stick at (or aim at with a rifle, as I would prefer) anymore. These self-appointed nannies want to save us all from treated wood, pesticides, fast food, global warming, rogue asteroids, the deforestation of the Amazon and that Ultimate Booger Man, second-hand smoke.

Forget the fact that the entire second-hand smoke scare was manufactured by a totally bogus, and since thoroughly debunked study, which was nothing more than a naked power-grab by the EPA. Forget the fact that LOTS of other anti-smoking organizations have attempted to prove that second-hand smoke is deadly and NOT A SINGLE ONE was able to do it.

Yeah, you may as well forget the facts, because the myth rules today. Second-hand smoke is NOT deadly. It irritates some people. That's all. How much freedom are YOU willing to sacrifice to satisfy irritated people? Hell, I always thought freedom meant having the RIGHT TO IRRITATE PEOPLE. That's the whole purpose of the First Amendment and one of the main points of my blog. If you don't like my smoke, go the fuck away. Why don't you whining shits STOP IRRITATING ME for a change?

If there were any facts to justify brain-fart legislation such as this, the proponents wouldn't be using the tried-and-true justification that REALLY PISSES ME OFF AS A PARENT.

"With concern for public health, I would be pleased [if smoking were banned], but that's not what we're doing," said Assemblyman Alexander "Pete" Grannis, the Legislature's leading anti-smoking advocate and a sponsor of many of the pending bills.

Grannis (D-Manhattan) said bills like those outlawing smoking in cars with kids on board and banning the sale of more affordable small packs of cigarettes are designed to protect children.

Ant time you hear a politician declare that his penis-headed legislation is "to protect the children," tar, feather and run that bastard out of town on a rail RIGHT NOW! He is a lying, mealy-mouthed sack of shit and he invokes "The Children" as a way to guilt-whip and delude people into giving up another chunk of personal freedom to grabby asswipes such as he. He doesn't give a flying fuck about "The Children." He just wants to justify his agenda and that's a good way to accomplish his mission.

"The Children." My aching ass. If I protect my boy from ANYTHING in his entire life, I hope that I raise him to recognize a propagandizing asshole when he sees one. Fuckheads who want to "ban" things left and right are a lot more dangerous to Quinton's life as a free American than second-hand smoke EVER will be.

Besides, when did it become some pissant Assemblyman's job to save all the children of New York? Did you people elect that guy for that reason? What the hell, you assholes elected Hillary, so maybe you DID.

I don't want ANY politicians protecting my son. I can do that job myself. In fact, a lot of my job so far has been protecting my son from THEM.


I'm glad no-one pays attention to these asshat regulations in the bars I frequent. They just have nifty little signs in the window that state: This is a tobacco-use bar, if you don't like that, go away.

Hopefully some massive gas leak will blow up city hall, and we can start over again.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on September 25, 2003 05:40 PM

Slowly . . .

You are coming over to my side of the (non) political fence.


Posted by: jb on September 25, 2003 06:09 PM

I hope you don't mind my commenting on your blog, but....Damn right.

Posted by: Greg Bash on September 25, 2003 07:38 PM

In New Zealand we have nicotine-nazis in government passing a law as I speak banning smoking from *all* bars. Good bye private property rights. Even though I don't want to sit at a bar with a smoker unless they are particularly intelligent and/or attractive...hang on, drop the or... I totally agree with this post.

Posted by: Ruth on September 25, 2003 09:18 PM

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