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August 01, 2003

Smooth as a baby's bum

posted by guestblogger smooth shaven shell

NOT work safe:

I have a very hairy pussy. Thick dark hair on pale skin, and it isn't confined to a neat little triangle. It spills down the tops of my thighs maybe half an inch or so. Not bathing suit friendly. After giving myself a few nasty cuts trying to shave down there, I settled for trimming the hair short with a pair of scissors and sticking with the boy-leg bottoms for bathing suits.

This was all fine and good when I was married to Other Person, who didn't really give a shit what I looked like, when he bothered to notice me at all. I've been separated from him now for 10 months and I have a wonderful new lover who *does* notice me.

He asked me to shave my labia. For the anatomically challenged, that's the outer lips of the pussy. I was able to shave that without razor rash. The skin of the labia is different somehow than the mons. Whenever I tried to shave the mons, I got major razor burn. That is a very unpleasant place to have razor burn, as you can imagine. I was also opposed to shaving the mons because I love the feeling of my lover running his fingers through my pussy hair.

Then I found the correct tool for the job.


A good electric shaver is far superior to a razor. I can pull it over the most delicate areas without nicks or cuts. It handles all the hills and hollows trying to shave down there requires. I can pull my outer labia open and shave that bit just to the inside without cutting my inner labia (which would be a Very Bad Thing). I love it.

My lover shaved me completely bald down there. It reduced some kinds of sensations (hair follicles rest in a net of nerves, which is why it feels so good when someone brushes your hair and hurts so bad if they pull it) but heightened others. There was a bit of razor rash at first. But the shaver instructions warned of this, and said it would diminish in time. Of course, they were talking about red bumps on the legs, but I trusted that it would hold true for shaven pussies, and it did. After a week or so of shaving, there was no irritation at all.

My lover likes it. A lot. So until he changes his mind, I'm keeping it smooth. He suggested that I might want to grow it back before my yearly exam, but what the hell do I care if the doctor sees that I shave my pussy? Apparantly some women are embarrassed about it. Obviously, I'm not, since I'm writing about it.

Now, after that brief (*snicker*) introduction, on to the meat of the post.


1. If you are starting from long and hairy, like I did, trim it all short with a pair of scissors. Like 1/4" or so. And unless you're in a big hurry, you might want to wait a few days. Trimming irritates the skin a bit, because the hair ends are blunt and scratchy when they used to be tapered and smooth.

2. Unlike the instructions for shaving your pussy with a razor, I do not recommend bathing first to soften the hairs. You do not want them soft for an electric shaver. I shave every morning before my shower (unless I'm going to the gym, then I shave before I leave--I'm immodest, but I'm not up to shaving my pussy in public!) and then again at bedtime. Electric shaving doesn't get as close, but I still spend less time shaving twice a day with a shaver than I would doing it once a day with a razor.

3. For the mons, do this standing in front of a full length mirror. You want the skin pulled taut, and the mons will be crunched up if you are sitting. Put your free hand on your belly just above the hairy part and pull up to tighten the skin. Then shave. It will take multiple strokes over the same area, especially if you are coarse and hairy like me. It also won't get as close the first time as it will after you get used to it. Stand with your legs apart so you can get the crease between abdomen and thigh.

4. For the labia, you'll want your makeup mirror. Find a comfortable place to sit with your knees bent and legs spread. On the floor leaning against the wall is good, as is a big comfy chair, if there's enough room for the mirror. Pull a lamp nearby--you need light.

5. Now comes the fun part--shaving all those hills and hollows. I have a hard time getting the place just above the clit where the labia come together. Take it slow and easy till you get used to it. Pull the skin taut and shave against the grain. If you can manage it, a pillow under your ass and some cheek spreading can enable you to shave your anus.

6. Aftercare is important. Now you can take that shower or bath and wash off all those little hairs. Use a good exfoliant on your shaven bits. This will pull off the dead skin and help prevent and treat ingrown hairs. I have a major problem with these--the hairs just want to grow along under the surface of the skin. Scrubbing the skin helps free them.

7. For those really stubborn hairs, you'll have to tweeze them. I've heard there are girls who tweeze their entire pussy. If I was to maintain my baldness with that method, that's all I would have time to do all day. These must be women with sparser hair than me.

8. Apply a good lotion or cold cream to soothe the area--it will be irritated the first few times you do it, and it feels good when you rub it in. Or ask your lover to do it.

9. What about these? That's for after you pee. When you actually have hair down there, it works as a funnel to direct the urine down in a nice little stream without getting the rest of you wet. A smooth pussy is deficient in this. The urinary opening is between the inner labia, below the clit. The urine comes out, and instead of being funneled down and away, it runs along the skin. It gets the labia wet. It gets the ass wet. It will even get the thighs wet. Having bum wipes on the back of the toilet (and yes, I took a box of them to work to sit on the toilet there), lets you tidy yourself up afterwards.

10. After all that work, you deserve a reward. And we all know what that reward should be: Cunnilingus!

Now, would anyone like to see a picture of a hairless pussy?


Just Damn!

Posted by guest commenter Dax Montana.

Posted by: Velociman on August 1, 2003 04:22 PM

Amen. Shaved women rock.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on August 1, 2003 08:02 PM

I've been putting off getting an electric for the shaving, but looks like I'll be trying one out soon. The razors are getting old.

I actually shave before going to the docs...I've been told it makes it easier and more pleasant for them anyhow.

Luckily when I was pregnant I had a man who did the shaving for me. How other women live with all that hair down there is beyond me.

Posted by: Alicia on August 1, 2003 11:27 PM

I use Tend Skin ( for razor bumps. It stings a little at first, but it's incredible for keeping the razor rash away. It's made for men, but works on the pussy...I mean, bikini area (*wink*).

Posted by: DogsDon'tPurr on August 2, 2003 12:33 AM

The real fun happens when it starts to grow back.

Posted by: Raspil on August 3, 2003 07:13 AM

Perhaps it's all those diaper changes when my little girl was a baby, but I'm unable to get real excited about shaven 'bikini areas'. Maybe I'm some kind of oddball prevert but what's wrong with women looking like women instead of little girls with big breasts?
I dunno, if I were a woman with a young daughter I'd really worry about taking up with a guy interested in smooth skin where there should be hair. After all, the real thing is right down the hall.
Maybe I'm just old.

Posted by: Peter on August 3, 2003 10:01 AM

Great article on shaving with an electric razor! Personally, I use a Remington PG-200, which is a small-sized beard trimmer. It's got all kinds of diferent attachments, so you can choose the right tool for all the jobs that shaving down there entail. My husband shaves me, which we find to be really intimate, and we both agree that it's much easier and less irritating to use an electric than a regular wet razor.

Posted by: TwiddlyBits on August 4, 2003 03:39 PM

Oh, I almost forgot -- I suffer from ingrown hairs, too, so I use a product called "Bump Stopper" which is found with the "Ethnic" hair care products.

I see that now they've got it "for ladies", too!

Posted by: TwiddlyBits on August 4, 2003 03:46 PM

is silke'pil from braun shaver any good?.. can you actually take off the plastic bit and shave with uncovered metal?

Posted by: am on April 20, 2004 10:31 AM

is silke'pil from braun shaver any good?.. can you actually take off the plastic bit and shave with uncovered metal?

Posted by: am on April 20, 2004 10:31 AM

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