Gut Rumbles

July 13, 2003

everybody's got a list

I kinda liked this one.

I'm just amazed that there wasn't a single refernce to mushrooms or electric fences in there.


Actually, I HAVE heard about those 'shrooms, but since I've never actually seen one, I never tried to find any. Wouldn't have known what to look for. I probably would've eaten some other fungus and went nuts.
And, my Dad has two stories involving electric fences. The first one has to do with being careful NOT to pee on one and the other has to do with hooking up some poor womans clothes line (with a thin wire in the center of the rope) to another fence. (My Dad and his buddies were weird little kids.)
Thank you ever s'much for the link, Darlin'....
(What I like even better is that you're one of my visitors... :-D Wow.)
Is it legal to mail boiled peanuts or boxes of white zin?

Posted by: stevie on July 13, 2003 08:16 PM
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