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July 01, 2003

read and decide

I read about the snitty girl who sued to be declared valedictorian of her class, but I passed it off as just another case of bullshit litlgation and didn't think about it again. But the story is a real soap opera.

You need to read that article. I believe that she and her ever-lovin' daddy gamed the system. And I also believe that a screwed-up law is set up in such a way that she will win. It's pathetic.

I've always had a thing about cheaters. I don't like them.

(Link via overlawyered and he has some more goods reads about the case.)


Can you say jury nullification? This is a concept that needs to be howled about long and loud. I can also guarantee that if those two words slip from your lips while interviewing for jury duty you'll be peremptorily challenged offa there so fast you'll have blisters on yer butt. In a nutshell, a jury can refuse to find against a defendant on the grounds that the law they are charged under is crap. Lawyers and judges will try to make you believe that this is illegal or otherwise not permitted. They are running scared on this one.

Posted by: JSAllison on July 2, 2003 10:43 PM

There's a lot more to this case than what the Standard put in there (for shame, since they're usually better about this). There's been a longstanding administrative battle and judicial battle surrounding the student with the disability ("Blair"), with the school repeatedly appearing to directly single her out because of both her disability and her father's role as a Superior Court Judge. I practice north of this area, and we've been watching this case for years. The real problem is likely not the student or the school staff, but rather the school board.

Posted by: TPB, Esq. on July 3, 2003 09:12 PM
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