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June 06, 2003

the truth

What is the truth?

Is it true that Bill Clinton was a great president? Some people say so. They have the brains of sand gnats, but they believe that BJ was a WONDERMOUS president. The fact that he was a slimy, lying incompetent piece of pure ooze will never change their minds. Some people just know what they know, and they won't let facts confuse them.

I obviously have a loyal reader of The Guardian communicating with me from a state of delusion.

I don't have a role model. I'm much better without one.
Can'r deny the truth A-man. Slapnuts is a shitty example of a Republican and a Commander in Chief.. McCain does a tax cut, everybody is happy. Clinton hikes taxes, more jobs get made. Bush opens his mouth, ends up doing something for his rich buddies. He could save a burning orphanage by pissing on it, but it doesn't matter. He will never do anything good that isn't tainted.

Pardon me... I can't write any more until the pounding in me head subsides... Damn! A bolt of sheer stupidity HURTS!

Lets see... "McCain does a tax cut, everybody is happy." McCain's only claim to fame that I know of is being a REVERSE ACE. He crashed five airplanes he flew himself in his atrocious military career, which is why he ended up being a prisoner of was in Vietnam. He was a shitty pilot.

He never passed ANY meaningful legislation in his entire political career, ESPECIALLY NOT a "tax cut," that free-spending asswipe. His legacy is a fascist "campaign finance reform" law that should be called "The Incumbent Protection Act." Where the hell to YOU get your information about the US government?

Clinton hiked taxes in 1993. Nothing happened to the economy except people paid higher taxes. In 1994, thanks largely to Clinton's idiotic behavior, the Republican Revolution ocurred. Against Clinton's will, the nation turned toward sanity, passed Welfare reform (which Clinton was going to stop, until it worked, so he now claims it as part of his pathetic "legacy" today.)

Show me ONE LIE George Bush ever told. I don't know what you're smoking, but what is this pissing on orphanages shit about? Put down the crack pipe and sober up for a few days. He'll never do anything good that isn't tainted?

How about running the Taliban out of Afghanistan? How about running Saddam out of Iraq? Those acts were BAD?

If you believe that, YOU should be digging those 200 dead children found in a mass grave yesterday out of the sand with your bare hands right now. YOU should do it, and separate the dead children from their buried toys and curse Bush while you're at it.

Don't give ME that European song and dance. Asshole.


Why do you get all of the good emails, Acidman?

Posted by: Carl on June 6, 2003 09:49 PM

Yeah Aman. That's even better than the one I got from GENERAL ABBUS SAVENGIGUNTHERSOMETHING today offering me an easy 15 mil

What does a mindset like that get from reading your blog in the first place?

I'd say he just wanted to see if you'd post about him....yep, troll.

Posted by: Marcl on June 6, 2003 10:17 PM

I read about those kids..
You know what I think? I think people who don't trust Bush, have never been around a man who has real integrity and don't believe anyone that good can really exist. My brother is a good man, I have no trouble believing Bush has our best interests at heart and speaks from the heart.

Posted by: Trease on June 6, 2003 11:00 PM

Damn, Acidman. If you're going to respond to all
of Jerry's kids when they troll past, you might
want to drink more (put a little edge on your
saccherine responses, you see.)

Posted by: Smiling Dave on June 6, 2003 11:06 PM

And I thought I knew how to spell.

Posted by: Smiling Dave on June 6, 2003 11:08 PM

Most generally people are just talking heads now. To meet a man who follows through on something he says he's going to do probably scares the hell out of them.
They aren't used to folks that walk the talk...huh Rob? :)

Posted by: quark2 on June 6, 2003 11:08 PM

Hmm, I'm sorry, but as a reason why we sent troops over there, that doesn't pass the smell test. Google Congo, and explain to me why we don't have troops there, if simply saving people from atrocities is sufficient reason for military adventures. Or Nigeria, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Peru...ooops, we do have troops in Colombia. Next Iran, then maybe N. Korea...just remember, an Empire can't be run the same way as a Republic. I'm not saying that all Empires have been terrible to live under, just realize, the U.S. of A that you were taught to believe in, is gone. Not going, gone.

Posted by: Jeff on June 7, 2003 03:34 AM

cripes Jeff, you sound just like Cynthia Tucker.

Here, Courtney has already discussed this issue. Go read her site to get your answer.

Posted by: serenity on June 7, 2003 03:40 AM

I certainly hope the government I was raised by is gone.

Ode to the days gone by...

Bye Bye blue stained dresses
Bye Bye alternative uses for cigars
Bye Bye abuses by the IRS

Long live the new world order

Posted by: Sassy on June 7, 2003 09:49 AM

"How about running the Taliban out of Afghanistan? How about running Saddam out of Iraq? Those acts were BAD?"

Yes, bad. Since both are still there.

Posted by: Ralph on June 7, 2003 09:55 AM

I think you can lay the current economic situation directly at Bubba's feet. After all, the DotCom bust occurred because the Clinton DOJ (can you say Janet Reno?) decided to go after Microsoft.
Without the DotCom bust the stock market continues to hum along at over 11,000.

Thank you, Bill, for fucking up my 401K.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on June 7, 2003 10:38 AM
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