Gut Rumbles

May 21, 2003

first step completed

Okay, I have re-linked everybody I kicked off before (except one, and she STAYS de-linked, the assnugget. She delinked-me trying to hurt my feelings or just in a fit of French-like pompousity, which she experiences frequently. MY feelings. Ha! Honey, a bloodless cunt with a LOT more ammunition than you'll ever have took care of my feelings about a year and a half ago.)

So, I am ready to begin a true Blog Survivor contest.

But, to make it as fair and as arbitrary as I can, I will not nominate blogs to be de-linked. YOU WILL, by random numbers.

I have 71 actual blogs on my roll. I used a Random Number Generator, which was me, to assign a number between 1 and 71 for every blog. I did NOT separate the Original Crew from the Stumbled Upon Later folks. Everybody is in the same pot.

Now I want YOU, my dear readers, to decide who enters the shooting gallery tomorrow. I will take the first three comments, and all I need is a number between 1 and 71, and we'll see who goes before the blog-court.

Nominations are open NOW.

(Update) I will add an additional vote to the mix. "NONE OF THE ABOVE" will be an option if you really like all three blogs and you don't want to see an axe fall upon an undeserving head. But if I get too many of those, I will suspend that rule. This is Blog Survivor, folks.

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