Gut Rumbles

May 06, 2003

A Southern Evening

The kids are playing in the street tonight and they all call me "Mr. Rob" when they see me. They ask for candy and I tell them "NO." I tell them that they can cut my grass or wash my truck (that worked once) and THEN we'll talk about candy AND money. But they decline. They would rather chase a tennis ball up and down the street. Kids have busy legs.

Mosquito Control killed all the fireflies that once lit up the evenings around here, and I miss them. Any bug with a light on its ass is a friend of mine. But they're all gone now.

The mosquitoes remain. So do the sand gnats.

But I LIKE living in a place where the kids call me "Mr. Rob," where they feel welcome at my house and they chase tennis balls up and down the street on a warm May evening. That's the South, and that is what I love.

I wouldn't trade where I am now for anywhere else.


I'll send ya some fireflies.

Posted by: Angie on May 7, 2003 02:25 AM
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