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April 25, 2003

monkey business

The ladies have flowers all over their sites. I don't like that. So how do guys respond? They put MONKEYS all over their pages.

What kind of message is THAT to send to the youth of America? WOMEN are sweet, nurturing beautiful members of Mother Nature's inner circle, while guys have prehensile toes, long tails, hang upside-down from trees and fling their own feces?

C'mon, people! From MY personal experience, ANY woman can screech and fling feces better than most men can. THEY should be putting monkeys on THEIR pages instead of flowers. Guys should put... I don't know... DOT warning labels on theirs. Or pictures of guns.

Just go here, here and here to see the monkey business I'm talking about.

I don't understand how blogdom played out this way.



I don't believe that's an accident, either. It's just cultural brainwashing.


Truth will out every time!

Posted by: MommaBear on April 25, 2003 06:36 AM

Guns, guns, more guns and trucks with fat wheels will get the blokes in every time. Oh, boobs are OK too, and the insides of other blokes' sheds.
Who said men are morons?

Posted by: Aussie Pete on April 25, 2003 07:02 AM

I picked monkeys because everyone loves monkeys. Well, ok, maybe not everyone. Most people. Ok, fine, just me. Shut up.

Just wait until the other two re-appear when I finally get around to doing the individual entry templates!

Posted by: andy on April 25, 2003 07:24 AM

The monkey is now off the front page. It's just in the about me section now.

Posted by: Frank J. on April 25, 2003 07:29 AM

What does it say when an elderly woman is the main image on your site? OK, maybe I don't want to know! *grin*

Posted by: Nicole on April 25, 2003 07:57 AM

What are "flowers"?

Posted by: Andrea Harris on April 25, 2003 09:10 AM

I guess it's just nature in action. Women like flowers; men are smelly and like to fling their shit.

Posted by: Ryan on April 25, 2003 12:09 PM

Damnit, Frank, that's the monkey head I was going to use in one of my templates. Curse you.

Posted by: andy on April 25, 2003 12:55 PM

We do offer some options; here's a special site constructed for the comfort of my left-wing readers:

and here's one for the right-wing crowd:

Posted by: Mike Spenis on April 25, 2003 07:15 PM

Acidman wrote: Women=flowers. Men=monkeys.

Sounds about right to me.


Posted by: acdouglas on April 26, 2003 06:21 PM

Monkey see monkey do I guess. I'm not one for all this monkey business, I have a picture of a helicopter on my blog (not sure what message I'm sending there). That sure does throw a monkey wrench into things. I'm gonna go get a banana.

Posted by: Sgt Hook on May 2, 2003 08:04 PM

Hmmmmm interesting !!!

Posted by: dzwonki polifoniczne on May 26, 2004 05:30 PM
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