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March 05, 2005

thank you

I had 44 emails this morning from all over the world wishing my mama well. In the last week, I've probably received close to 1,000. My mama received a lot too, before she became too weak to get on-line anymore, and you people brought her a lot of comfort.

You didn't have to do that, and both she and I were stunned at the good will sent our way. Those messages sure help to make you feel not as alone as you might otherwise be in dark times. When I told her about all the messages she's missed over the past couple of days, she was half-asleep, but she laughed. "Everybody loves me," she said.

And everybody who ever met my mama DOES love her. She's that kind of person.

There's not a damned thing anybody can do to change what's happening now, but you people have been more than kind to me and my family. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it, because words fail me right now, and that NEVER happens to Acidman.

I just wanna say thanks. You HAVE helped.



Ya know I love ya, for all the bullshit we sling back and forth. Ya know that reality is reality and, however you see it, you damn sure write about it, and when you hit my hot button I damn sure fire back . . . and I know I can because I figure you kinda understand me as I kinda understand you.

But . . . this is about your Mama, and . . . My Man, there ain't nothing one can say when one is where you are at except to say--

Trying my best to be there with ya, Bubba. A man whose Mama loves him, and he loves her, he is emminently redeemable in every way.

Your Mama raised two good sons, even if you don't know it just yet.. But she did tell you that she knew it.

If Mom's say they know, they know. Take it to the bank!

Ya got my words toward the Heavenlies for you, your Mom, and your bro, and all the fam.

Gather yourself, my friend, this will be difficult, but if you just hang in, you know that is what your Ma wants you to do.

Do it well, best you can, but cry well even more--each tear is proof of what you say.

Always a Piss Ant but never a troll . . .


P.S. Chin up, Bubba. Remember your stock as you remember your stock. Now is the time to make your Mama proud.


Posted by: jb on March 5, 2005 06:31 PM

How is your grandmother holding up? This must be really hard for her.

Posted by: Simone on March 5, 2005 07:49 PM

Awesome JB!

Posted by: Thomas on March 5, 2005 09:59 PM

I tend to be thinking about people but not know what to say in these situations. You certainly have my best wishes for the speediest and least painful outcome possible. She's pretty amazing, as are you.

Posted by: Jay on March 6, 2005 12:16 AM

I sympathize, my mom has really slowed down in the past few years and we have gone through several medical crisises together we six children that lived do. Mom just got out of the hospital last week and I keep thinking I should visit more often while I still can.

Posted by: Alnot on March 6, 2005 12:50 AM

I know exactly what you are going through, having watched the same happen to my Mama last year about this time. You have my most sincere condolences and support. She knows you are there for her, and your strength will help her. Again, my sincerest support to all of you.

Posted by: Candy on March 6, 2005 12:57 AM
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