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January 27, 2005


I'm reading a pretty interesting book now, called Poisionous Quotes and I kinda like it. It proves something that I've always believed. It's much easier to criticize somebody else's work than to produce your own. This piece of venom is a good example:

"I could eat alphabet soup and shit better lyrics"

That was Johnny Mercer, commenting on a musical that he didn't like. Johnny Mercer was a great songwriter (and a native of Savannah) but he shouldn't have said that. It was mean. He should have said:

"Why should I pay $10 dollars at a theater for what I can see in the bathroom for nothing?"

Heh. I thought THAT was a good one.

Some of my trolls need to read this book. They might actually learn to express themselves with some class. Naw, they'll NEVER learn to do that. They probably need to stick with Jonathan Livingston Seagull. That's about as deep as they can go without getting the intellectual bends.

After all, "It's the sort of show that gives pornography a bad name."


Man, I am ashamed to admit how much stinkfinger I got quoting insipid Rod McKuen lines. But hey! Any port in a storm.

Posted by: Velociman on January 28, 2005 12:33 AM

I used to have a book called "776 Meanest Insults," which included an uncredited Rush Limbaugh slam on Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy: (speaking at the 1992 Democratic Convention) "Where was George?"

Limbaugh: "At home with his wife, Senator. Where were you?"

The book attributed it to "Anonymous."

I wish I knew where it was, 'cause it ain't available no more. Guess I'll have to get a copy of Poisonous Quotes instead.

Posted by: McGehee on January 28, 2005 12:45 AM
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