Gut Rumbles

March 11, 2008


Originally published April 21, 2003

Damn the nostalgia guy. He put a bug in my head today.

The two best westerns ever filmed were The Wild Bunch and True Grit. I still recite lines from those movies as part of my life. "Get crossways with ME and you'll feel like a thousand of brick had fell upon ya." Yeah. Try me.

I also remember the line Ernest Borgnine said to William Holden when the Robert Ryan character was chasing them across Mexico. "HE GAVE HIS WORD!" Pike said.

Dutch grabbed Pike's arm and shook him. Spittle flew from his teeth as he said, "IT AIN'T YOUR WORD THAT COUNTS!!! IT'S WHO YOU GIVE IT TO!!!"

Truer words were never spoken.

I am an honest man. I try to live a good, honest life. But I KNOW that I work and I live in a jungle full of liars and back-stabbers. If you lie to ME, I'll lie right back at you. I've been shit on. I don't like that feeling. I have learned to play by whatever rules YOU dictate, and I'll try my best to beat you by them.

I wish that the world was a good, honest place. But it's not. My Beaver Cleaver attitude has gotten me fucked before. That happens only once to ME. If I can't learn from it, I DESERVE to be fucked again.

I know one thing now. It ain't your word. It's who you give it to.

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