Gut Rumbles

July 17, 2003

savage rat-dogs

Only a blithering idiot would want to adopt a feral chihuahua. But we have no shortage of blithering idiots in this country.

Some experts have also warned that the adorable lap dogs, made wild by years of inbreeding and roaming in packs in the home of their elderly owner, were closer to miniature wolves than the cute breed made famous as the Taco Bell mascot.

The dogs were seized from the home of 72-year-old Emma Harter in November. Harter was charged in April with felony animal cruelty.

Imagine that. 174 nearly hairless, wild little dogs capable of KILLING YOU and people feel sorry for them. Just close your eyes and imagine a swarm of those little shits dragging you down and eating you alive, one tiny bite at a time. Okay, I did that. I DO NOT feel sorry for them.

Their fate will be sealed on Thursday, when a judge is expected to decide whether the dogs should be euthanized or rehabilitated, a question also being debated by Chihuahua rescue groups.

"Chihuahua rescue groups" actually exist? BWHAHAHAHAHAAA!! Man, some people have no life at all.

No one questions that these are troubled dogs. The pack's dominant members have attacked and killed more than a dozen kennel mates after arriving at the shelter, Michelson said.

Pet expert Warren Eckstein, who evaluated the dogs for Peck, said he believed all of the dogs can be saved.

"Of course they are going to have that kind of behavior -- look at how incarcerated humans act," Eckstein, who hosts a national pet radio show and consults with NBC's Today Show, said. "I'm not saying they are all Rin Tin Tin, but they're not Cujo either."

Yeah. And when incarcerated humans act that way WE DON'T LET THEM OUT. If you're going to equate crazed Chihuahuas with human beings, then lets apply the same rules to both.

Kill the dogs.

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