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May 07, 2003

something to offend me

I could call this post another crap-blog, because my beloved state of Georgia FINALLY got around to administering an Al Gore two-flush to one of the biggest, most disgusting pieces of pure human shit who ever crossed the state line.

A man who helped kill six members of a farm family during a burglary to fuel his escape from a Maryland prison camp was executed Tuesday, 30 years after his crime shook a community.

Carl Isaacs, 49, was given a lethal injection at the state prison in Jackson for orchestrating the Alday family killings at their southwest Georgia home on May 14, 1973. Appeals kept him on death row longer than anyone else in the nation.

Carl and his manicial buddies murdered six people in cold blood. They raped and tortured their young female victim. They got caught and BRAGGED about committing the crimes. If EVER there was an open-and-shut case, this was it.

Our "justice" system took 30 years to deal with this bastard. Two of his accomplices, who originally received the death penalty, had their sentences reduced to Life. They may walk the street again someday. (The SECOND TRIAL they got was held in Savannah, and I remember some 19 year-old girl hanging the jury and refusing to give the death penalty to one of those guys because "he's got no teeth!"

He had a gun and a stiff dick that day on that Alday farm, darling. Be glad that YOU weren't there, you blithering idiot. Is that a leftist fucktard speaking, or what? He raped and killed, but... awwww... look at him now. He seems so... pathetic with his dentures out. I can't be angry at that poor man.

Well, I WAS angry at the time.

In his final days, Isaacs, through his lawyer, offered remorse for the killings, saying he was not the same hotheaded person who committed the crime at 19.

The Alday family was unmoved, citing Isaacs' own boastful words in a series of 1975 prison interviews.

"I'd like to get out and kill more of them," he said at the time. "They represent the type of society I don't like. I didn't know them, had never seen them before May 14, but I didn't like them. Working people don't do a damn thing for me."

Isaacs, during the interviews, compared himself to notorious 1930s outlaw John Dillinger.

Why we didn't stomp this sick bastard like a roach on the kitchen floor 29 years ago is a mystery to me.


I wanted to comment on this today but I wanted the first post about this bag of sheet to be all yours. 30 damned years. Slow justice beats no justice, I suppose.

Posted by: Velociman on May 7, 2003 09:37 PM

I don't think there's anything majorly wrong with having a good deal of time pass between someone being sentenced to death and the sentence being carried out. It gives plenty of time for people to appeal and investigative journalists to unearth new evidence and all that sort of shit.

Basically, it increases the certainty that the right sentence if being carried out on the right man. God forbid you sentence someone to death, carry out the sentence the next day and discover a week later that the forensics lab fucked up and the conviction was actually unsafe.

Plus, keeping the perp in prison for 30 years means that a sadistic pridon guard can wake him up in the morning with the reminder "You gonna die, boy!" over 10,000 times! :-)

We need the death sentence in the UK, for use against fuckers like this -

Posted by: Jack on May 8, 2003 05:58 AM
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